The Wumpus World Challenge


The entire project is a lesson in problem solving… setting up the constraints, using propositional logic to determine if the constraints are satisfied. Knowledge and reasoning are the majority of the project in that in addition to propositional logic, creating you own ‘Wumpus World’ will require First-order Logic, Temporal Logic and Fuzzy Logic. Starting with an initial concept, you will need to create a world with uncertainty; that is, the hazards are randomly placed and your game must be able to make decisions regarding the movements as it creates various paths in the continuous space. Planning is a big part of efficient programming; what are the objectives, what are the goals, what features will allow the goals to be met, what are the necessary scripts/functional codes that must be included for the game in order for the objects in the game to communicate and take action. Communication is to be text based, the perception of the world is to be described in a text response as well as illustrated graphically. You game must be able to recognize the various actions taken by the player and proceed accordingly.

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