A Painter's Technical Resource



Art Materials Information and Education Network is a comprehensive source of technical painting information that offers substantial advice to painters about the proper use and care of painting materials and paintings.  Knowledgeable and authoritative, the moderator and executive director, Mark David Gottsegen, has established a free access site that affords painters the opportunity to avoid and repair (if possible) errors of a technical nature without recommending brands or companies.  A cadre of experts is available to answer questions in a timely way.  Most art schools today do not teach students to use safe and archival techniques in painting (because most instructors are incapable of teaching this material due to a void in their art education - not their fault, it simply wasn't offered).  Mostly art colleges with a traditional bent maintain the practice of providing students with necessary technical information, but those schools are in a decided minority.  Younger painters employ deplorable technical practices and the works produced have a very short life span.  Reclaiming paintings of poor technical structure is difficult, if not, in some cases, impossible.  Knowing the means of ensuring an enduring product/painting is a requisite for any professional painter.

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