The ASEZA Database is a Search System for Electronic Journals. It is the last and most important part of the Multisuchsystem E-Connect which in the meanwhile I have ceased to develop although some parts of it are yet of some use.

This search system can be used for searching e-journals by title words, terms within titles and subjects.Therefore into this system indexes of terms und subjects are integrated. More than this subjects are linked with terms and titles with subjects so that the system appears multidimensional.

The database or knowledge base of this system consits of over 33000 titles which are supplied by over 400 themes or subjects taken from different resources. In principle, the subjects as well as the journal titles of the database can be taken from all resources free available in the internet, that means from libraries, publishers and institutions. The titles, however, have to adapt to the spelling which is common and preferably accessed by Google Scholar. The terms indexed in the system are taken from the titles of the database, which depends on the fact that title words often describe the matters journals are dealing with.

ASEZA-Database is an Open Source Project. The source code in javascript can be changed and extended in any way. The system can be used for any private and public, but not commercial use.

This is the english version of ASEZA-Datenbank, which in the meantime is rather improved and extended in relation to the english version.


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