Scientific Frauds and Vector-Borne Diseases

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Lecture presented by J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D. at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness held in Phoenix, Arizona; July 2003. Official website of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness: J. Gordon Edwards, professor of entomology at San Jose State University in California, has taught biology and entomology there for 43 years. He is a long-time member of the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society and is a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences. Scientist Who Warned Against DDT Ban Dies,2933,128165,00.html The Lies of Rachel Carson by Dr. J. Gordon Edwards DDT: A Case Study In Scientific Fraud by Dr. J. Gordon Edwards 100 Things You Should Know About DDT In Africa, DDT Makes A Comeback To Save Lives Outlawing of DDT Proves Deadly Science, Politics and Death Environmental extremism kills. Millions die annually because of restrictions on DDT, and imposing the "Kyoto" regulations would kill many more. Stopping Malaria In the wake of the tsunami, malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases may be the next tragedy to hit Southeast Asia. DDT can prevent this tragedy. The Fruits of Eco-Extremism Banning essential substances has brought untold misery to millions. Behind the Environmental Lobby It may seem stranger than fiction, but it's a documentable fact: the eco-socialist movement is financed by the super-rich as part of a comprehensive agenda for global control. DISCLAIMER: Doctors for Disaster Preparedness has given permission under the Creative Commons license that this media presentation can be publicly reposted as long as proper credit is given to DDP and other guidelines are followed. More info at: This YouTube channel is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, any of its lecturers or staff members.
Eileen Jeffrey
Eileen Jeffrey I don't even know where to start....your 'evidence' amounts to decades old predictions and finger pointing at particular characters rather than presenting thoughtfully laid out evidence. Your observations of one trip to Patagonia mean...pretty much nothing. How could you present observations you made on your vacation as evidence on par with a scientific study? I agree that cheating happens in science, but this guy doesn't exactly (even come close) to convincing me that cheating is happening on a massive enough scale to justify calling the ozone hole or climate change 'fraudulent'. And your arguements on the safety of DDT are seriously lacking. Have you ever heard of bioaccumulation? How about DDT resistance in insects? Sorry crazy guy, but how is promotion of a sustainable future a negative thing? I would love to know who is funding this guy, I'm sure thats not shady at all ;) By the looks of his website, I would say....  fossil fuel !
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