Research Without Borders: Research Without Borders: Protests, Petitions and Publishing - Widening Access to Research in 2012 (Lecture 21 of 21) Columbia University

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In the third event in the series "Research Without Borders," which addresses issues of copyright, research access, and scholarly publishing, the Scholarly Communication Program at Columbia University held "Protests, Petitions and Publishing: Widening Access to Research in 2012" on Tuesday 28th February 2012. Panelists discussed how access to important research and scholarship can be available to all, not just "the one percent", and considered whether scholars and publishers are finally ready to change the process by which scholarship is distributed. Occupy Wall Street, the Research Works Act (RWA), the boycott of Elsevier journals by a growing number of academics, and other recent developments informing the debate over access to research and scholarship are all debated and examined.

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