Pony & Pony: Ponies at Law

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Pony & Pony: Ponies at Law © – is a live action, 17 minute short film about to be used as a pilot for a television series or to stand alone as a single piece.


Contact us at poniesatlaw@gmail.com for more info about how to see the full 17 minute film. The film is largely for children 8-12; however, adults will also find it entertaining. It features two pony attorneys, Tristan and Pascal (puppets), interacting in world of people. Naive, silly, and at the same time witty and compelling, the film follows them through their first case from start, to research and analysis, to finish. To aid their client, the ponies travel back in time to when the legal principle that could help their client was first conceived. The ponies may be able to correctly apply that principle if Louise, an incredibly brilliant and elegant female defense attorney, does not prevail on her alternative theory of the case. This deceptively educational program provides children with access to the thought process that real attorneys use to aid their clients as well as a simple understanding of legal concepts.


Other characters the ponies interact with include their off-beat secretary, Deloris, who does not seem to notice that she is working for ponies, their client, a frazzled young man in a desperate search for justice, and a dry-cleaner who should have been more careful.

Starring: Kane Prestenback, Daniel Fay, Jeff Durante, Lauren Gentile, Barbara Spence

Directed By Cara Parmigiani

Director of Photography: Jim Anderson

Screenplay By Cara Parmigiani

Edited by Sandy Chase


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