Gender and Sexuality in Islam - ICNYU Shuruq 2011

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The issue of gender and sexuality is prevalent throughout various societies, regardless of time or geography. Currently, Muslims find themselves to be in a constant spotlight on the issues of gender dynamics within Muslim communities without a deeper understanding of the issues or solutions that are imbedded in our beliefs. This panel seeks to address misconceptions around the issues of gender and sexuality within Islam and within society at large. Speakers: Janan Delgado, Nadia Mohammad, Shaykh Abdallah Adhami SHURUQ, meaning "sunrise," is a theme-month committee at New York University that seeks to bring light to the diversity of life, culture, art, music, literature, and politics in the Muslim world. For our purposes, the "Muslim world" is broadly defined as being any society, nation, or culture that consists of Muslims. Shuruq seeks to present the experiential dimensions of the different aspects of the Muslim world through hosting various educational and entertaining forums in order to create a nuanced and varied, rather than monolithic, representation of the Muslim and his or her world. This is especially significant this year since there has been much debate surrounding Islam and the Muslim world on an international and local scale. However, the voices that represent the Muslim community seem to be weak, ineffective, or simply ignored. Shuruq seeks to provide an outlet for the celebration of Muslim identity as well as a platform for the real intellectual voices on Islamic thoughts and beliefs. We seek to foster an attitude of greater harmony and understanding within the NYU and broader NYC community.
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