Brave New Ocean - a lecture on our changing sea-life

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In September 2009, Professor Jeremy Jackson from the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California, delivered his Brave New Ocean lecture at an event hosted by the Ulster Wildlife Trust. Jacksons talk has profound messages about what is happening in the worlds oceans and seas as a consequence of human impacts such as pollution, habitat loss, over-fishing and climate change. He describes how once productive and complex marine ecosystems are being pushed beyond the brink, into simplistic ecosystems dominated by jellyfish and microbes - a transformation he has dubbed as the rise of slime. Jackson examines crucial questions about this Brave New Ocean, including what can be done to halt and reverse these current trends. The main lecture is 50 minutes long plus a 30 minute Q&A session at the end. Visit Ulster Wildlife Trust's website: Visit the Scripps Institution of Oceanography website: Find out more about The Wildlife Trusts Living Seas campaign: Picture credit: Sprat shoal by Paul Naylor (
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