Aryans: Invasion, Indigenous or Migration?

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Eminent historian Romila Thapar talks about the origins of the vedic culture.

The claim that Aryans were indigenous to India has no scientific and scholarly backing. It is just a nefarious myth propagated by Hindutva fascists and a few self-appointed,"defenders of Indian culture" on cyberspace. The Hindutva groups are misleading the masses by criticizing Max Mueller's Aryan Invasion Theory (which is already discredited) and cleverly, falsely and deviously claiming that present day historians are supporting Max Mueller's theory. In fact, under the cover of criticizing Max Mueller's theory, self-appointed Hindutva historians are promoting a theory that Aryans did not migrate from Central Asia but were the original inhabitants of India. This theory has been propped up as a propaganda item on numerous websites and is discussed as a community specific truth within the Hindutva circles.

The main agenda of promoting this theory is ideological and political. For those concerned with a Hindutva ideology, the invasion has to be denied. The definition of a Hindu as given by Vir Savarkar (fascist RSS ideologue) was that India had to be his punyabhumi (the land of his religion) and his pitribhumi (ancestral land). A Hindu therefore could not be descended from an alien culture . Since Hindus sought a cultural heritage from the Aryans, the Aryans had to be indigenous. This definition of the Hindu excludes Muslims and Christians from being indigenous since their religion did not originate in India.

The contemporary theory of migration/influx has been propounded on the basis of years of research.

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