Science and Technology Studies

Science and Technology Studies

Science and Technology Studies is a complex interdisciplinary field that examines science and engineering from the point of view of the humanistic and social science traditions. Scholars explore topics at the forefront of intellectual discourse in science and technology studies, as well as the social and intellectual contexts that have shaped these areas. Scholars interested in historical, philosophical or contemporary scientific and technological issues apply the methods of history of science, philosophy of science, sociology of science, political studies of science, and other relevant fields to careful analysis of ongoing problems.

The field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) asks fundamental questions about the role of science and technology in social and environmental change. It integrates insights from the humanities and social sciences into a coherent body of knowledge that provides a basis for action.

Students and scholars in the field of science and technology studies attempt to understand how scientific knowledge is produced. STS believe that the idealized accounts of knowledge production entrenched in our scientific belief system are inadequate, given the complexity of the process they claim to describe.

STS scholars seek to understand how science operates by analyzing historical case studies, observing contemporary scientists at work, examining representations of scientific ideas in textbooks or journals, and studying the infrastructure of scientific institutions.

This interdisciplinary field brings together anthropologists, philosophers, historians, art historians, literary theorists, sociologists and practicing scientists and technologists.

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