Walter Johnso
My work on the nineteenth century focuses on slavery, capitalism, and, increasingly, imperialism. My book, Soul by Soul, used the slave market as a way into the fantasies, fears, negotiations, and
Discipline(s): HumanitiesHistory
Geographical Focus: AmericasSouth America
Michael Walters

Discipline(s): ProfessionsForestry
Geographical Focus:
Walter Jetz
I am interested in the way environment, evolutionary history and chance affect ecological patterns at the level of the individual, population and community and how these then combine to form patter
Discipline(s): Life SciencesEcology  Life SciencesEvolutionary Biology
Geographical Focus:
Walter Scheidel

Discipline(s): HumanitiesClassics
Geographical Focus:
Walter Mebane
Walter R. Mebane, Jr., (B.A. Harvard 1979, Ph.D. Yale 1985) is Professor of Political Science and Professor of Statistics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Previously he taught at Cornell U
Discipline(s): Social SciencesPolitical Science
Geographical Focus:
Walter Lewin
Walter H. G. Lewin (born January 31, 1936) is a Professor Emeritus of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He earned his Ph.D. degree in nuclear physics in 1965 at the Delft
Discipline(s): Physical SciencesPhysics
Geographical Focus:
James Buckwalter
James Buckwalter is an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego. His research focus is broadband circuit design for high-speed electrical and optical communication
Discipline(s): Physical SciencesEngineeringComputer Engineering  Physical SciencesEngineeringElectrical Engineering
Geographical Focus:
Walter Ku
Walter H. Ku joined the UCSD faculty in 1985, after a year as Distinguished Visiting Professor. The Founding Director of the NSF Industry/ University Cooperative Research Center on Ultra High-Speed
Discipline(s): Physical SciencesComputer Science  Physical SciencesEngineeringComputer Engineering  Physical SciencesEngineeringElectrical Engineering
Geographical Focus:
Glenda Walter

Discipline(s): Social SciencesPsychology
Geographical Focus:
Tyson Walters

Discipline(s): Life SciencesBiochemistry
Geographical Focus:
Daniel Walter

Discipline(s): Social SciencesEconomics
Geographical Focus:
Walter Lambert

Discipline(s): Life SciencesEcology
Geographical Focus:
Kerry Walters

Discipline(s): Physical Sciences  ProfessionsCriminal Justice
Geographical Focus:
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