Partition of the Panjab (1947)

Partition of the Panjab (1947) was the result of the overwhelming support the Muslim demand for the creation of Pakistan, an independent and sovereign Muslim State, had gathered in India. When the word Pakistan was first mentioned, the idea had been laughed out of court, even by the Muslims themselves. But within the next half a decade, it had annexed almost the total support of the Muslim population. During the discussions in England that preceded the passing of the Government of India Act 1935, Pakistan had been mentioned, but no one had taken it as a serious proposition. By the end of 1938, however, Pakistan was being seriously canvassed in Muslim League circles, and in March 1940, under M.A. Jinnāh's leadership, the League passed at Lahore the famous Pakistan Resolution, demanding the Partition of India and the formation of the Muslim majority zones of the northwest and northeast into independent sovereign States.

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