Ghallughārā, Choṭā (1746)

CHHOṬĀ GHALLŪGHĀRĀ, lit. minor holocaust or carnage, as distinguished from Vaḍḍā Ghallūghārā (q. v. ) or major massacre, is how Sikh chronicles refer to a bloody action during the severe campaign of persecution launched by the Mughal government at Lahore against the Sikhs in 1746. Early in that year, Jaspat Rāi, the faujdār of Eminābād, 55 km north of Lahore, was killed in an encounter with a roving band of Sikhs. Jaspat Rāi's brother, Lakhpat Rāi, who was a Dīwān or revenue minister at Lahore, vowed revenge declaring that he would not put on his headdress nor claim himself to be a Khatrī, to which caste he belonged, until he had scourged the entire Sikh Panth out of existence.

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