Healing and Medicine in Christianity

The four Gospels recount the career of Jesus of Nazareth (c. 4 BCE–c. 29 CE), the founder of Christianity. Jesus is recorded as having performed many miraculous healings, which included restoring to health (among others) the blind, the dumb, the deaf, the lame, and lepers. The Gospels describe Jesus' miracles as signs that provided evidence of his messianic identity, as well as a manifestation of the presence of the kingdom of God and a fulfillment of Hebrew prophecy (e.g., Mt. 11:4–5, which echoes Is. 35:4–6; 61:1). The Gospel of John declares that Jesus himself maintained that his miracles were evidence of his messiahship (Jn. 10:37–38). The Gospels differentiate Jesus' miracles from the miracles of exorcists and magicians. Moreover, although Jesus is said to have cast out demons, the Gospels invariably distinguish between exorcism and healing.

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