Ancient Italy, Rome to 476

Italy Ancient Rome (753 Bc-Ad 476)
Though numerous stories recount the founding of Rome, the tale of the brothers Romulus and Remus is by far the most famous. According to legend, one of the seven Vestal Virgins, priestesses who protect Rome’s Eternal Flame, conceived the twins Romulus and Remus when she lost her virginity to Mars, the god of war. In a fury over the shame his niece brought to the family name, the priestesses’s royal uncle ordered the infants killed.


<a href="/book/modelli-teorici-e-metodologici-nella-storia-del-diritto-privato-3">Modelli teorici e metodologici...</a>
Riccardo Cardilli, Maria Floriana Cursi, Olivier Descamps, Paul J. du Plessis, Roberto Fiori
<a href="/book/ius-lex-edicta-altri-studi-di-diritto-romano">Ius lex edicta. Altri studi di...</a>
Feliciano Serrao
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