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Support forum for Sanskrit Dictionary

Open Group Members: 20 Discussions: 16

Support and Enhancement Requests for Hindi Dictionary (Academic Room)

Open Group Members: 7 Discussions: 30

To discuss historical, cultural, religious, and social life in ancient India.

Open Group Members: 12 Discussions: 15

Psychometric Assessments: Validation and Uses

Open Group Members: 24 Discussions: 75

A space for interdisciplinary exploration of martial arts

Disciplines: Humanities
Moderated Group Members: 1 Discussions: 2

This is an educational group related to issues and challenges of international students in the United States and outside.

Open Group Members: 12 Discussions: 3

General discussion on Judaism

Disciplines: Judaic Studies
Open Group Members: 2 Discussions: 2

General discussion on Philosophy

Disciplines: Philosophy
Open Group Members: 13 Discussions: 6

General discussion on Christianity

Disciplines: Christian Studies
Open Group Members: 5 Discussions: 1

General discussion on Linguistics

Disciplines: Linguistics
Open Group Members: 5 Discussions: 0
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