Health Professions Education

Disciplines: Higher Education
Curator(s): Gerald Stapleton
Started: Aug 14, 2012

This group is focused on the education of professionals in the healthcare field. Topics for discussion include curriculum development, instructional methods and assessment.

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Observing the importance of marketing mix in traditional marketing campaign

The importance of marketing mix in any conventional marketing campaign or tactic should be assumed in the right manner. This is crucial to understand because without the role of the marketing mix, the objectives of marketing cannot be achieved. Therefore, there is need of comprehending the importance of marketing in the development or formulation of marketing strategy. First of all, it is important to note what marketing mix is all about; marketing mix is composed of 4 basic elements and these are product, price, place and promotion.

The first element or attribute is a product in which any product or service is given priority so that the product could be produced considering the demands and requirements of the target market. As far as the significance of product is concerned, the product could be formulated or produced through the help of evaluating different life cycles. In this concern, organizations need to focus on establishing products in order to maximize the population of their target markets as much as possible. The other elements are also crucial because these are crucial when it comes to making important contributions in the area of marketing tactics.

Therefore, the second attribute is all about price during which the product price should be calculated on the buying preferences and affordability of the customers. In addition, the price should be smart enough so that it could attract the customers in the right manner. As a result, the right kind of pricing technique will be helpful or sufficient in attaining the desired outcomes for organizations in the end. The significance of the third attribute should be comprehended in an appropriate way because place needs to be understood in an efficient manner because of its importance.

The place is all about the positioning of the products and services through which people or customers can easily come and buy the products in a sufficient way. Therefore, the place should be attractive and quite reachable for all the customers or potential buyers. At the same the promotion tactic should be formulated based on the organizations' objectives or goals so that the end result must be helpful for organizations in achieving their long-term goals or visions. Considering the above scenario, students should be smart enough to draw benefits as well as other valuable aspects for the purpose of getting required deliverables in the future.

Those students who smartly or effectively manipulate the significance of marketing mix at the time of their education, they attain maximum benefits in their professional careers. As a result, they seem to help other students who are unable to focus on the importance of marketing in the area of marketing. The successful students help those students who suggest or ask questions regarding the scenario of the marketing mix. These questions could be perceived in the form of do my essay I need to understand the logic of marketing in a detailed manner. Therefore, the importance of this question do my essay I want to attain maximum awareness about marketing mix does have a huge role to play in the future professions of many students.  Student can get easily help for their educational help from

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