The Future of higher education

Disciplines: Higher Education
Curator(s): Rebecca Vandevord, stnefan andrzej, stefan, ziomal, andy
Started: Jul 22, 2012

What is meant by a "University Education"? No longer do the ivory towers hold the key. But with the abundance of freely available knowledge at our fingertips, how do we assess and certify learning? can badges and course certificates replace a University diploma? What are your predictions-what will higher education look like in 20 years?

Karen Remick
Started by: Karen Remick
Funding for data services: where should it come from?

Currently different departments sometimes provide a means of storing and disseminating data produced by its researchers. The quality of the systems depend on the funding each department can spare, and the IT talent they have available. Should data storage and dissemination be a institutional level service paid for by overhead, like electricity and email? Or should each department be responsible for their own data? Where should the funding for these data services come from? What other services should be offered? Should each researcher have to decide where the data will go and put in a budget item in their proposal (If so how should the amount be determined?) or should it be boiler-plate text and a standard flat fee? Who is responsible for linking data repositories from different institutions together so that the researchers can access each other's data?

The future of education is linked to the easy transfer of data, but who is building that and is there/should there be an over all plan?

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