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Started: Jul 11, 2012
Mariya Fox
Started by: Mariya Fox
I would like to know more better digital marketing & serp strategy for local region.

This is Mariya, i'm digital marketing strategist by profession, currently working in a social media marketing agency in Toronto. I belive learning is a part of our life that's why i often do this by the time, i would like to know what's the best digital marketing strategy for local serp. i'm looking a guy who is guiding me for the local search ranking & branding. kindly give me some tips & advice what should i do for this.

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Dean Rover
Dean Rover What a great article. it was really valuable. thanks a lot fireboy and watergirl
maitri shah
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Criss Stone
Criss Stone Mariya for your information, you should consult the professional social media agency. they are helping you regarding your concerns, you can take free consultancy.  
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