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Started: Jan 18, 2013
Christina Battons
Started by: Christina Battons
How Writing Your Phd Thesis Can Improve Your Medical Career Prospects

Consider the pros and cons of entering postgraduate studies. Successful students are always offered to continue their education at a higher level. This is a serious step, on which depends your future career and your development as a professional. Many people ask themselves: is it worth your time? 


Who needs this?

Postgraduate programs will be interesting not only to future professors but also to those who start their own business or look for a promising job, for example, certified professional resume writer.

Traditionally, college was considered the first stage of an academic career. That so, for a person who sees himself as a teacher or dreams of dedicating his life to science, getting a Ph.D. is an obligatory measure, without which further development is impossible.

However, now many applicants see their future outside the university. Ph.D. is preferred in legal and medical circles. Usually, successful people graduate and seek to obtain a degree: in large international companies, a Ph. D. is necessary for obtaining a leading title. Even in getting a job, this can be a decisive argument in your favor.

For those who are engaged in their own business, postgraduate programs will be useful not only for getting new knowledge but also for such skills:

1) Setting Goals and Objectives

2) Materials Layout

3) People management

4) New acquaintances and connections

In the graduate school it is necessary to lecture, to lead electives, to be the class president, curator, etc. For those who have just started their careers, the organizational experience is especially useful: no one will put a newcomer on the head of the department, and the postgraduate programs give you a good chance to acquire such skills.

The scientific community is vast and always ready for cooperation, and most important thing is that it unites people from all over the globe. Any acquaintances that you will get in the process of writing your dissertation will be useful to you.


The advantages of obtaining a PhD degree

What are the conveniences and what advantages can you get for yourself?

1) New knowledge

2) The ability to combine work and study

3) Useful acquaintances

4) Organizational experience

5) A forte argument for hiring

6) Possibility to experiment and develop your own projects

7) A large number of scholarship programs. Even if you do not find a job for your liking, you still get enough finances

8) Many exchange programs: as a graduate student, you can travel around the world

Disadvantages of postgraduate studies

On what I will have to work over?

1) Competition. The number of applicants is often higher than study places

2) Recommendations for admission to graduate school is considered a plus

3) Most of the information you will have to obtain independently, in order to build a study and obtain results

4) Intelligence is not enough. Learning takes a lot of time and effort, and you will need a good amount of perseverance, diligence and self-sufficiency in order to obtain a scientific degree

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