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Started: Jan 15, 2013
Ron Krawec
Started by: Ron Krawec
How To Be More Effective When Using Electronic Medical Record Systems

Something I put together a year or two ago in relation to an Ambulatory EMR implementation ...


How To Be More Effective When Using Electronic Medical Record Systems


•         Be mindful of the room set up: position monitors to be viewable by both patient and yourself; maintain eye contact where feasible

•         Learn to type: become proficient with touch-typing so that you can talk to patient while typing

•         Learn how to use the EMR software: learn the “one-best-way” to navigate; expand your repertoire of ways of using the EMR as you gain experience with it

•         Integrate time of typing around patient’s needs; plan the flow of the patient intervention around periods of time focused on the computer and the majority of the time focused on the patient

•         Ask patient permission to use the computer during the visit

•         Start with the patient’s concerns; set agenda with patient; explain how you are using the computer

•         Establish and maintain rapport, even when you are typing (talking while typing, head nodding, etc); be aware of how your verbal and non-verbal behaviors are effecting your clinical encounter

•         Use the screen to engage patient; involve your patient in the computer’s use; let your patient read the computer screen (as appropriate)

•         Establish eye contact; re-establish eye contact immediately when patient is talking about significant or emotionally laden topics or whenever eye contact has been lost for greater than 15 seconds.

•         Avoid “copy and paste” (copy-forward) and other systematic errors


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Cindy Bryant
Cindy Bryant Yes, this s what each doctor needs to learn. It is imporatnt for him to multitask espcially when there is long queue of ill patients behind the door.  If I were a doctor, I would learn how to type my essay fast to reduce long queues and save time. 
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