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Started: Jan 30, 2013
jenny han
Started by: jenny han
Is Happy Wheels is safe for kids?

Is Happy Wheels is safe for kids?

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Bruce wayne
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Antonia Cummins
Antonia Cummins I trust that "happy wheels" is a great game with amazing illustrations - many kids like this game. I trust that presence of mind media weren't right in rating it 16+ ( I for one was snickering when I read their survey). ANd also tell you 24Hour Write My Essay best essay writing service provider Company in the world.
jenny han
jenny han
I have a question. Most of people complain that happy wheels is not safe game for kids. What you people think about it?
I'm guessing most americans complain, since they always complain and blame the videogames, it's not worse than any other game in my opinion, and if they want to try to take a wheelchair and try to drive over big rocks with it or something, let them do it, they will probaly learn that it was a bad idea after one try.
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