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Disciplines: Physical Sciences: Physics:
Curators: John McIntosh
Started: Jul 10, 2012
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Dany Lancaster
Dany Lancaster We were taking the topic briefly while studying World Catastrophies. I was a junior then and had to write my college essay on the subject. The atomic age was the first point in my argumentative essay.
John McIntosh
John McIntosh Ted, the Manhattan Project is a classic case of societies privileging science over the humanities. While science shows us how to make a nuclear weapon, the study of the humanities helps us see why it is a bad idea. I am not familiar with H.G. Well's work. Can you tell us more about it?
Ted S. Lundy
Ted S. Lundy It was H. G. Well's 1913 prediction of what might happen within the approaching atomic/nuclear age. His predictions of a world disaster came close to the date for our Cuban missile crisis.
I'm sure you also know about his prediction of the invasion of war-like critters from Mars that was made famous by the Orson Welles radio show. HGW was a great thinker and writer! Ted
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