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Started: Jul 11, 2012
Nathan Coppedge
Started by: Nathan Coppedge
An Age-Old Question of Physics

There has been some debate as to whether philosophy is multi-disciplinary. Ocassionally major concerns arise in other disciplines which merit the attention of philosophers. Perhaps that is the only major way in which philosophers have seen themselves as being devoted to another subject. For example, the role of the Spanish Inquisition and Einstein's Relativity raised existential questions which penetrated ethics and theorie of utility. The need for coherency in mathematics led to Russell and Whitehead's Principia Mathematica, and ironically, some claim, to the Godel's Incompleteness Theorems (also Tarski's Undefinability Theorem and Russell's Paradox).

Now I have found evidence, first theoretical, and then practical, for a new role for philosophy in the realm of physics. I will abbreviate it in several points:

1. Emerging technological paradigms (robots, A.I., connectivity, modularity, virtual reality) suggest that philosophy has become a form of data which has, due to exceptional thinking, a mere application value except in the sense of being selfishly 'synthesized'. The dependence on experiences to define progress is a dubious one if a large part of progress consists of computational usefulness.

2. There is a need for a union of metaphysics and physics that has been felt previously in such books as On the Union of Sense and Soul by Wilber, to say nothing of Kant's morality or the long history of ontological exploration. The combination in my mind is summarized by the expression 'metemphysics' (physics of in-betweens), which is essentially a discipline devoted to the materialism of ideas.

3. I posted a video

which captures an experiment I conducted recently, which seems to break the first law of thermodynamics. One possibility is that on certain matters physics is getting too semantic. But that is a side issue. What is more important, is that with a claim like this, the desire for abstract theories may sometimes outweigh the mere assumptions of material reality. Although there is value for a discipline devoted to the materialism of ideas, particular exceptional instances raise the prospect of a renewed interest in the abstract sciences, whether it turns out to be mathematics, or instead, metaphysics.

Does anyone wish to discuss or contribute to any of this? For example, the knowledge, dominion, or progress of philosophy?

Specifically does anyone have any technological idea of philosophy?

(I also encourage people to join my Facebook group, called That page provides more information on related topics).

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