Erica Farmer

My research is on the relationship(s) between culture and law in regard to cultural property, cultural heritage, and intellectual property, particularly the ways that cultural property and heritage related interests inflect and are inflected by laws and legal structures/systems.  The main themes of my work are geographical indications law and artesan food regulation and anthropology of organizations/policy in regard to museums and sensitive collections.

Richard Bagguley

Richard's murals take their inspiration from classical European and Eastern origins and cover many styles whilst maintaining an individual and fresh approach, his work suits both classical and modern interiors and he enjoys meeting new challenges. A mural can take anything from a few days to months to complete and something can be found to suit the client aesthetically and economically. With an experience of over 25 year, Richard Bagguley as a Mural Artist has undertaken a number of...

Hana Videen

Biography: Hana received her BA in the United States at Smith College, majoring in English Language and Literature with a minor in Medieval Studies.  After working as a children’s ESL teacher in South Korea for two years, she moved to London, returning to her love of Old English poetry.  Hana did her MA in Medieval Studies at King’s College London, for which she wrote her dissertation on trees in Anglo-Saxon literature.  She is currently in the third year of her PhD...

Yee Kee Ku

My research interest evolves around ‘Design’ focused research for architecture and urban design that led to innovative and novel output, either via design methodology, principles or output. The tools could be computation means, collaboration works or intelligence from neural networks, other than from a singular mind. Keywords; Urban Science, Complex Adaptive System, Urban Morphogenesis, Digital cities, Urban gaming, Informal settlement, Adaptation behavioural, Resilient Communities...

United Kingdom

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