Harbans Singh

Professor Harbans Singh (1921-1998), educationist, administrator, scholar, and Editor of the Encyclopedia of Sikhism, was born on 6 March 1921 in the village of Kotha Guru in the Bathinda district of the Punjab. His mother Roop Kaur belonging to the Sodhi family traced her ancestry to the Hari Singh Nalwa clan. She deeply influenced his religious sensibilities. Harbans Singh was highly respected in literary and social circles for his rich contribution to Sikh scholarship and Punjabi...

Cynthia Keppley Mahmood

Cynthia  Keppley Mahmood was born in Reading, Pennsylvania to a family of mixed German and Hungarian ancestry.  Her mother and father were active in labor and union causes, and she grew up in an environment alive to social conscience.  Travel to the Netherlands as a high school exchange student brought an international dimension to Dr. Mahmood’s early education, otherwise restricted by family circumstance to a narrower area.  Neither her mother nor her father had...

Balbinder Bhogal

For my articles see: : http://hofstra.academia.edu/BalbinderSinghBhogal  

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh (18 August 1920 – 21 October 2002) was a Punjabi poet, critic, cultural commentator, and translator. Along with Amrita Pritam, Harbhajan Singh is credited with revolutionizing the Punjabi poetry writing style. He wrote 17 collections of poems, including Registan Vich Lakarhara, 19 works of literary history and translated 14 pieces of literature of others including those of Aristotle, Sophocles, Rabindranath Tagore...

Mohan Singh Diwana

Dr. Mohan Singh Diwana (1899-1984) is a foundational figure in the study of literary criticism of Panjabi.  His History of Panjabi Literature (1933), which was based on his doctoral dissertation, was the first major literary history of Panjabi and inspired many others to perform literary criticism in a serious way.  He also made his impact as a poet. Some of his well-known works include Nīl Dhārā (The Blue Ocean, 1935), Jagat Tamāsha (The World Fair, 1942), Mastī (Ecstasy, 1946-49),...

Kheewa Brar

I am a Panjabi living in Manila.


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