Danny Ahuja

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Dubai Day

There are many reasons why a vegetarian diet is right for you and one of the main advantage that vegetarians have is good health. Vegetarian food can help with weight loss and management which is a great necessity for people living in Dubai. Our sedentary lifestyle has made it necessary to eat healthy food, and there is nothing more beneficial to the human body than vegetables and fruits. Dubai has many restaurants for those who love eating vegetarian food. Dubai Day has made a complete list of...

Bhavini Datta

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Soniya Ayer

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Ravi Singh

PGPM-Ex is one of the best executive MBA equivalent programs for working professionals in India. This 1 year program helps to enhance a working professional managerial & professional skills.   Learn about the course format of PGPM-Ex program for working professionals. This one year online MBA courses in India is drafted according to their schedule constraints & career aspirations. Great Learning Online MBA program will help you in boosting your career without loosing your job.

Constance Kassor

• I am an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Lawrence University, where I teach courses on Buddhism and Asian religious traditions. • My current research is focused on two projects, both of which concern the role of knowledge in Buddhism: (1) a book manuscript which investigates the relationships between rational and nonconceptual ways of knowing according to the fifteenth-century Tibetan Buddhist scholar Gorampa Sonam Senge; and (2) an English translation of Gorampa...

Selladurai Muthusamy

I am doing my Doctoral Research in Technopreneurship theme and I am looking some interested academician relates to it may be highly helpful. I am looking for conferences, workshops and even some field research opportunities that linked with my research title leads me to get more involved in my research. A passionate person and having more interests in motivating and leading the group of peoples who are feels weak physically and mentally. A good learner with a peace mind and a question raiser in...

Magesh Sivan

Dr. N.S. Magesh is a D.S. Kothari Post Doctoral fellow in the Department of Geology, Anna University, Chennai, India. Dr. Magesh’s research interests include the study of climate change and its impact on land use and water resources. His research involves coupling the climate models with high-resolution field data to explore the physical, chemical, and ecological processes in complex river basin system. Presently, he is focussing on the Influence of land use and climate on regional...

South Asia

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