Zohreh Ghadbeigy

I am an expert on international relations. Expert on issues of Russia, Germany,  Lebanon and Syria and Palestine-Israel Terrorism and new Jihadist group analyst on the discourse of Islamic Revolution  MA graduate in Central Asia and Caucasus Studies from Allameh Tabataba'i University BA Graduated in Social Sciences from  Shahed University

Elon Kohlberg

Elon Kohlberg is the Royal Little Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. His research is mainly in Game Theory, and in particular the study of non-cooperative equilibrium. Kohlberg has taught many courses in the MBA, Ph.D., and executive programs at Harvard Business School. These include Mangerial Economics, Competitive Decision Making, Strategy, and Finance. He is currently teaching the required Stratgy course, as well as a course on Games of Chance and Games of...

Gregory Olsen

I am an independent scholar working in the following areas: Hebrew Bible - Deuteronomic History Hebrew Bible - Wisdom Literature - Aesthetics  

Galen Goldsmith

I have two master's degrees, one general biblical studies and one in classical Hebrew exegesis.  I am currently working through all of the books of the Hebrew Bible to explain text critical problems and vocabulary or syntax that produces variations in the history of translation. This is being done for STEP, Scriptural Tools for Every Pastor, which is an online resource that is slated to be attached to the Tyndale House Toolbar, a free download to be found at the Tyndale House Library...


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