Adele Clarke

Adele E. Clarke is Professor of Sociology and Adjunct Professor of History of Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco. Trained by Anselm Strauss, she has been using and teaching grounded theory since 1980. Clarke’s own research centers on social, cultural and historical studies of science, technology and medicine with emphases on biomedicalization and common medical technologies pertinent to women's health such as contraception and the Pap smear. She is the...

Dianne Christopherson

Dr. Christopherson's research interest concerns the use of exercise as an intervention in the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. Her research includes lipids, body composition, and exercise testing measures. She also studies smoking cessation for women with heart disease and exercise in senior citizens. She works part-time in a cardiac rehabilitation facility.

Catherine Chesla

Dr. Chesla is Professor and Vice Chair for Academic Personnel, Department of Family Health Care Nursing, UCSF School of Nursing.The goals of the Thelma Shobe Chair in Ethics and Spirituality are to identify the spiritual dimensions of nursing practice, and to provide leadership in addressing the ethical and spiritual challenges raised by technological advances in health care. Dr. Sulmasy, in the Second Annual Shobe Lecture defined spirituality broadly: "The primary spiritual questions are...

Jyu- Chen

Dr. Chen's program of research focuses on the impact of family and socio-cultural factors on Chinese and Chinese-American children’s health and healthy behaviors, especially overweight in school-age children. Her research focuses on child-centered and family-oriented methods from a bio-behavioral model. Variables investigated include physical activity, physical fitness, dietary behavior, coping, parental health behaviors, Chinese parenting style, and family functioning as antecedents...

Linda Chafetz

Dr. Chafetz's areas of interest include severe and persistent mental disorders, treatment outcomes of psychosocial interventions, medical co-morbidity, co-occurring substance use disorders, primary care, services research, life history methods, family caregivers, psychosocial rehabilitation, wellness models, community treatment, and disparities in treatment of the mentally ill. Dr. Chafetz serves as a clinical supervisor of the Wellness Training Program, located at the Oasis Self Help Program...

Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman

Virginia Carrieri-Kohlman's research focuses on dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) across different illnesses. She studies correlates of dyspnea, treatments to affect dyspnea in acute and chronic settings, and exercise as a treatment for dyspnea. She also studies symptom management of dyspnea in terminal lung-disease patients.

Annette Carley

I am certified as a Neonatal and Pediatric NP, and have over thirty years of clinical experience in neonatal and pediatric care. Since 1995 I have been affiliated with the UCSF School of Nursing as a clinical faculty member. In this clinical faculty role I provide both didactic teaching and clinical mentorship to neonatal and pediatric advanced practice nursing students. Currently I am the lead clinical faculty for the SF-based student cohort enrolled in a dual-campus Neonatal NP training...


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