Viktoria Vona

The Role of Artists in Contesting Gentrification in New York City.

Elizabeth Crocker

I work on issues of identity, religion, and practice with Haitian Vodouisants in the diaspora. You can read a few informal essays I've written about Haiti at my blog here:

Melissa Otis

My dissertation is a social history of Algonquian and Iroquoian peoples in the Adirondacks of New York State, a bordered lands region that shares geography and history with parts of Canada. Using primary documents such as local histories and travel writing plus family histories, images, and material culture I argue the Adirondacks have always been an indigenous homeland and suggest it was a region where many exchanges occurred. I have coined a new term to compliment the phrase hunting territory...

Chetan Jariwala

Can you imagine the world without teachers?  In today's fast paced society, educators around the world are not the primary source of getting or learning information.  Students have discovered various alternative sources for feeding their information hunger.  The smart search engines & Internet has revoltutionized how information is accessed.  It is a serious concern for those who teach in the traditional classroom setting, may be I am being a little close minded....

Ryan Hacklaender

Searching for a Postdoctoral position in either the United States or Germany

North America

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