Isaac Oladipo

My Motivations I studied Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in water Resources and environmental conservation Engineering. I am currently engaged in a PhD program and my research is focused on the development of strategies for optimizing crop yield per liter of water under climate change circumstances. Among my specific objectives, is the development of  a model that measures the sensitivity of plant to climate variability with the aim of controlling the plant water, air and...

Chima Anyadike

With a long standing interest in fiction, philosophy, literary theory and literature of decolonization, I have taught in Universities in Africa and the USA. I cultivate the kind of knowledge that frees the mind from the strangle hold of ideologies but which at the same time acknowledge the indispensable contributions of ideas and cultural products, beginning from one's own, to the development of the human mind and the struggles for justice and fulfilment in the world.


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