Venus Factor and John Barban

Venus Factor and John Barban
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March 26th, 2019

Product Name: The Venus Factor

Author Name: John Barban

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Venus Factor is an extensive and unique weight loss program that has been designed for you, based on your specific needs. All you need is 12 weeks and a high level of motivation, achieving the results you desire. Combining both exercise and nutrition, this program is intended for anyone looking to lose weight and rebalance their body.

Created for women, just like you, the Venus Factor is a highly comprehensive program, that could change your life — for good. If you’re sick of diet and exerciseplans that do not deliver results, then this program is what you’ve been waiting for.

Based on the Venus Factor Diet — everything is taken into consideration: your age, weight, height, level of fitness, and body type. After all, we’re all unique, right?

Creating a program that is tailored to your exact needs, women are seeing real results. Are you ready to reshape your body and enhance your health? If so, this program is for you!

About Venus Factor

As mentioned, Venus Factor is a tailored 12-week weight loss program that delivers. Focusing on leptin — the key hormone associated with your metabolism, this program will help you achieve an optimal balance. In turn, you will burn fat and reshape your body.

Mainly focusing on nutritional needs, you will not only lose weight, but improve your overall health. Aside from the diet aspect of this program, women are also presented with effective exercises they can complete within the comfort of their own home. You will also gain access to a ‘community’ — helping to support you along the way.

Presented in a number of key phases, this program highlights the main cause of weight gain — leptin. Once you learn to better control this hormone, you will more effectively burn fat. This is especially important for aging women, as leptin sensitivity is reduced as we grow older.


About the author: John Barban is the creator and author of Venus Factor. His educational background is in Human Biology and Nutrition, as well as Exercise Physiology. With teaching experience and three training certifications under his belt, he is more than qualified.

For nearly a decade, he also worked with the sport supplement industry, gaining a further understanding of our body’s needs — and how various nutrients influence our weight and health.

What’s Included within Venus Factor

Venus Factor is highly comprehensive, which is why it has been broken down into five major sections: The 12-Week Fat Loss System; The 12-Week Workout Plan; Nutritionist Software App; The Venus Index Podcast; and the Venus Community.

You should begin with the 12-Week Fat Loss System, as this guide does an excellent job of explaining everything from gender differences in metabolism, to the importance of leptin. Once you gain this background knowledge, you set the stage for your weight loss plan.

Wasting no time, John dives right into Nutrition Science — after all, what we eat dramatically affects leptin levels, as well as out overall weight and health. He explains in greater detail how your body burns calories, and what that means for your daily intake.

Although we all have a clear vision of what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods are — John doesn’t believe in this concept. He believes that this mentality encourages ‘feeding frenzies’ — resulting in women to overindulge once they step outside their diet. The following section highlights foods you should eat, providing examples that are easy to relate to.

From carbs to fat — you will begin to better understand how certain foods affect your body, and what that means for your weight loss efforts. Moving into calories and metabolic rates, this is when your ability to lose or gain weight becomes more apparent. This is especially true because we’re all unique in terms of our bodies and shape.

Being thin is not always better — remember that. It’s more important to be healthy, as real shape comes from your muscles. This is why this program also includes highly effective exercises and workout tips. Covering everything from your height-to-weight ratio, all the way to metabolic flexibility, after reading this program, you will better understand your body and your personal needs.

Once you’re finished with this guide — move onto the Venus Factor Workout, as well as Venus Factor, Final Phase. Just as informative, you will continue to learn how to maintain your new weight, while toning your body. You truly can become a whole new person with the help of Venus Factor — are you ready to change your life?

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The Benefits of Venus Factor

Far too many people are lost in the world of weight loss. There’s so much information being spread around, it’s hard to keep up. The truth is, weight loss does not need to be so complicated, and with this women weight loss program, you soon realize that you too can reach your goals — achieving optimal health.

This program has been created with women in mind, ensuring that each individual better understand their personal needs. Within an easy-to-read format, regardless of your background, you will understand the message John is trying to convey, so that you can take appropriate action. Some of the key benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • A system that can be completed in the comfort of your home. You do not need any specialized exercise equipment — saving you time and money.
  • You will not be placed on a strict diet, so you have the freedom to eat the foods you like, while losing weight.
  • It’s specifically designed for women, regardless of your fitness level.

Throughout the program, you will notice numerous sections called, The Venus Mindset. This helps bring real-life success stories to the program, further motivating your efforts. It’s a great way to see before and after results, showcasing the true power behind this insightful program.

If you have been trying to lose weight for far too long, trying to unlock your weight loss code — then Venus Factor is for you. Change your life today — for good!

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In Summary

If you’re a woman, who is desperate to lose weight and regain positive health, then this system is certainly for you! For just $37, you will receive this entire program — helping you gain a new lease on life. There’s nothing more valuable — so order your package today!


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