Teds Woodworking Review: Get The Real Facts

Teds Woodworking Review: Get The Real Facts
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March 5th, 2019

Product Name: Ted's Woodworking

Author Name: Ted McGrath

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cropped-new-box651111.pngThere’s nothing quite like handcrafted woodworking projects. The beauty of natural timber is timeless, and there’s something supremely satisfying about crafting furniture, toys, and other items with your own hands.

I’ve found that many people out there will avoid woodworking projects, simply because they feel they don’t have the experience, skill, or even the plans to make the items that they want.

I used to think like this too, but I’ve recently found a solution that has completely changed my mind. Providing thousands of woodworking plans that can be followed by woodworking enthusiasts, often with basic home tools, this product has given me a new passion and hobby, and allowed me to make items for my family and friends, all of which I can be proud of.

It’s called Teds Woodworking, and when comparing it with similar products or even online resources, it’s in a class of its own.

With the value I’ve taken from this product, it’s high time for a Teds Woodworking review, and the following will be my unfiltered and honest customer opinion after evaluating and personally using Teds Woodworking over the past year.

Let me say that if you search online, you will find a lot of reviews of this product, some bad and some good. But, from reading them you will soon realize that most of them are written by people who haven’t even bought the product, let alone used it themselves.

From reading my review, I will let you be the judges whether I am telling the truth or not!

What Is Teds Woodworking?

Before we dive into the review, let me give you a brief overview of this product.

Teds Woodworking is intended for people who are into doing amateur DIY stuff around the house and woodworking in particular.

Although there is a lot of information in the product around woodworking, as I will describe in more detail later on, I wouldn’t say this is suitable for professional woodworkers, although there are parts (like the downloadable guides) that contain bits of information that would be useful for professionals as well, particularly those who are still novices.

The product contains a huge number of woodworking plans (the claim is for 16,000 plans although this is not exactly true as I will reveal later on) that will help you build a wide range of wood crafts like furniture, toys etc.

Having access to so many custom designs in this package means that you’ll probably never need another woodworking resource again, and that’s one of the reasons that I see so much value in Teds method.

As I mentioned above, in addition to the plans, the product contains downloadable guides about woodworking that you might find helpful as well as a big compilation of video tutorials and step by step training.

I will talk in much more detail about everything included in the product, in my review that is coming later down this page.

What Kind of Projects Are Included?

I wanted to work on projects that would actually bring value to me, or that I could give to others as gifts.

A large part of the appeal of the projects within Teds Woodworking is that they are all usable items that you’ll actually want to have in or around your home.

Toys like rocking horses, functional items like chests and tables, and even stylized kid’s beds, are just some examples of what you’ll be able to make with the included plans. You’ll find plans for plant boxes, outdoor furniture, and even a gazebo, so there’s a lot of range and variation with the different projects.

With some woodworking methods the process of building something can be intimidating, especially when the plans aren’t laid out in a user-friendly way.

With Teds Woodworking, I found that the digital files were extremely helpful. They allow for full visualization of any project, and include drawings and exploding diagrams.

There are step by step instructions for every single project, so it will be as if you have a master craftsman as your tutor throughout any build.

While the end results are beautiful and sometimes complex, the steps to get there are all clear and manageable, so it will be easy to motivate yourself and see your progress when you are working on any of the included projects.

Addressing Some Of The Concerns

Some might ask; why don’t we just look for woodworking plans online?

While you can certainly do that, and you may even find some that are not included in Teds Woodworking, the fact is that you’re going to spend a lot of time researching and finding the right plans that meet your needs.

Some of these may not be free, so when you factor in the cost of buying individual plans over time, you’ll end up spending more than you would for an all-in-one product.

Another concern is that you never know where online plans are coming from or how good they are when it comes to the final product.

I’ve found peace of mind knowing that I don’t need to look at hundreds of different resources for my next project, and can instead get something that works, every single time.

Many of the projects can be completed outdoors, and you won’t always need workshop space to complete them. While there will be times when advanced tools and accessories will make a project easier, these can be completed for the most part with basic carpentry tools, many of which you might already have in your home.

Even if you need to buy some new tools to make your job easier or your work faster, your investment will pay off over time, especially considering the sheer number of projects that are included.

Keep in mind that any tool investment will be modest, because all of the included projects are designed for the home enthusiast or small business owner.

Why I Bought Teds Woodworking – My Disclaimer

Before I go on with the review, I want to be fair and completely honest with you: At first I was very skeptical about Teds Woodworking. What was causing my hesitation and kept me from reaching out for my credit card were some negative reviews and videos that I happened to stumble upon online when doing my due diligence.

What I found out is that this product is stirring a lot of controversy online. While some people say it is an awesome product, there are also many others who claim this is a scam and has to be taken down from Clickbank.

In case you don’t know, Clickbank is a huge online retailer platform which basically does two things:

First, it helps product creators or vendors connect with marketers who are interested in promoting vendor products (Clickbank mainly deals with digital products) for a commission fee.

Second, through its huge online library of digital and physical products, it helps end consumers find products that cover a large range of categories like Health And Fitness, Home & Garden etc. They can buy them online and Clickbank takes care of all the transaction processes.

For the sake of transparency, I should mention here that, apart from being a consumer of Teds Woodworking product myself, I am one of the affiliates promoting it and so you can say I have a financial interest in promoting this product to you.

On the other hand, however, I should assure you that I only promote products that I have already bought and tested myself, so I can give you my honest review.

After all, if a product is not good then people will get angry and this will have a repercussion on myself who promoted it in the first place, right? So, seeing it from a long term perspective, it is to my best interest as well to promote only products that I am convinced are top quality and people will love.

So, to cut a long story short, the reason I decided to buy Teds Woodworking and test it out, is twofold:

First, as I said the product is hosted on Clickbank which, apart from just connecting vendors and marketers, is also responsible for dealing with refunds and chargebacks. Furthermore, to some extent it deals with the vendor’s customer support.

Having a prior first-hand experience with Clickbank myself through other products I bought and promoted, this fact eased my mind a lot, thinking that, in the worst case scenario that Teds Woodworking was indeed not as expected, I would just claim my money back and no harm done.

Second, this particular product has been on Clickbank for the last five or six years with an excellent sales track record to boast about! So, one can deduce that if it was indeed a scam, then eventually in the long term it would be punished by the laws of market and disappear, right?

On top of that, Clickbank have their own internal rules about refund rates of the products they publish on their platform: If they exceed a certain threshold, then they ban it. So, my guess is that the product would have long been gone from Clickbank, if there were any issues with it.

Ok, enough of the preliminary talk, let’s get started with theTeds Woodworking review. I will walk you through all the buying stages and my personal experience with the product and the vendor. I hope my tour of the product will help dispel the myths and separate hype from reality!

The Sales Page – Making The Purchase

When you access Teds Woodworking promotion page, you will see is a rather long video, where a guy named Ted Macgrath (the person behind the product) talks about his product, explaining all the benefits, what makes it stand out from the rest of similar products and the bonuses people will receive once they buy it. If you scroll down the page, you will see that there is no click to buy button, this is intentional to force you stay on the page until the video ends.

My tip for you is to click the close button to exit the page. What you will get is a pop up window that will urge you to stay on the page. Click on the stay button, you will be directed to another page, where instead of a sales video you will get a text sales page. Scroll down, you will see a click to buy, the price displayed is $67.

You should click the close button once more, the pop up window will show again and go ahead and choose to stay on the page again.

What you will get is another sales page, announcing the $20 discount offer. When you scroll down the page, you will see that the price is indeed reduced to $47.

This is the final price you will get. If you click the close button once more, there is still one more popup but when you choose to stay again, you will be directed to a page where the vendor is asking for your email address, in exchange for some free woodworking plans.

I should say that if you haven’t decided yet to purchase, signing up to the email list is not a bad choice at all. You will get the free plans to get a feel for them and you will regularly receive a newsletter in your inbox with some more freebies along the way.

In order to give you a feel for the plans, here is a sample plan. If you like it, then you can go ahead and give the $47 (provided you are convinced with my review first of course!) and have access to the whole product library, without having to wait!

The Sales Funnel – Additional One Time Offers

Once your money transaction goes through, you will immediately be directed to a series of additional sales pages, where you are presented with a number of so called “One Time Offers” (OTOs).

The reason they are called this way is that theoretically you will never be presented with these offers again, although my experience suggests me otherwise!

What I mean is that, most probably in the future the vendor will offer you these opportunities again, in all likelihood through his automated email series that you get, provided you surrender your email address to him.

Let me give you a brief description of the OTOs you will be presented with:

A. The first OTO is digital access (through your member’s area) to the “VIP Deluxe Edition Package”. This content consists of four sub-packages:

The first one is the “Ultimate Woodworker Reference”. As it is described, this is a “mammoth woodworking resource” and it consists of lots of woodworking guides and ideas.
The second one gives you access to a building software that gives you the possibility for 3D drawing.
The third one gives you access to “over 219 outdoor shed plans” .
Finally, the fourth one gives you access to “10 Designer Plans with CAD Drawings”.
The whole Package is offered at the price of $49.

B. The second OTO is called “Handy Dad Project Collection”.

This again consists of several other components: “The Big Book of 700 Boys Projects”, “Three Houses and Playhouses”, “Build Your Own: Sheds, Cars, Go Karts, Bikes & Scooters”, “The Big Book Of Science Projects” and “DIY Home Repair”.

On top of that, you get 4 additional bonus books : “The Art Of Woodworking”, “Home Improvement Made Easy”, “Budget Home Decorating Tips” and finally “Guide To Organic Gardening”.

This OTO is priced at $39.97.

C. The third and final OTO is a big surprise! It offers all of the above OTOs plus “The Ultimate Woodworking Compendium” which is, at is stated on the sales page, a huge collection of 147 books (25,000 pages). As it is stated, these books “offer tools and information you need to take your woodworking skills to the next level”.

This last OTO is priced at $29.

I should say that, although all these offers do sound enticing and they probably are indeed worth their cost, I didn’t buy any of them, as I first wanted to check out the product itself and then decide if any of these are worth buying. Of course there is a risk that these OTOs are indeed worthwhile and I am missing on an opportunity, but I am willing to take that risk as I am also close to certain that the vendor will offer them again down the line!

After all, I don’t know about you but this is the tactic I use for all the products I buy that have similar upsell/downsell funnels. I never buy unless I am 100% certain that it’s a product that will indeed add value to my purchase.

Accessing Teds Woodworking Member’s Area


Once you go through the funnel (I should mention you can pay either via credit card or via your paypal account), you will receive the clickbank receipt in your inbox, as well as a welcome message from Teds Woodworking back office.

In the welcome message, you will get access details (username and password) to the member’s area.

Once you access the member’s area you will see the following sections:

A. Woodworking Plans Library: In this section, you will see a list of all the digital files (they are either in zip files or pdf) that contain the woodworking plans. In order to see them, you first need to download them to your computer. If you prefer, there is an option of getting them in a DVD (more about this down below).

Let me say that the library is indeed huge: The total volume is close to 450 MB.

Now, in terms of actual number of plans, to be honest I haven’t counted them one by one but by a rough estimate, they should be around 10,000.

Now, I know this is nowhere close to the announced 16,000 plans but I should give Ted the benefit of the doubt and say that what he actually means is that 16,000 is actually the total number of plans that you get through your lifetime membership.

Let me elaborate on what I mean: In another section of the member’s area (I mention it below), you get access to the “Free Bonuses Of The Month”. In this section, each month you get fresh content with new plans and guides that you can download. So, as long as you remain a member, you are entitled to a fresh supply of content.

Talking about what is actually included in each plan, this is what you get:

A complete material, cut and tools list.
“Hold You By The Hand” Instructions.
Diagrams of each step, including the finished project and exploded views.
As I already mentioned above, in order to get a better idea of what you get, here’s a sample plan that I can give you to have a look.

B. DVD Options: In case you don’t prefer to download all those files to your own computer, then you are given the option to get everything on DVD and shipped to your home (anywhere in the world).

Single DVD : You pay $19.95 (plus shipping & handling) and you will receive by mail one single DVD which will contain all of the plans and the bonuses.

Two DVDs: You pay $29.95 (plus shipping & handling) and you will receive in the mail all that is contained in the single DVD plus all upsells (all those products that were offered as OTOs).

Personally, I prefer the download method. However, in case you do prefer the DVDs instead, then I would suggest you choose the two DVDs package, as with only $10 more, you get all the material (plans, guides and the OTOs).

C. CAD Drawing Software: This is part of the bonus as promised in the sales letter (see more details below). What you should do is go ahead and download it to your computer. Then you install it and you are ready to go!

D. Downloadable Guides: This section is quite big as well. What you will find here, is a lot of woodworking guides (more than 150, all in PDF format) ranging from specialized jobs (such as “applying edging”, “cutting beveled strips”) to more general subjects (“Avoid Woodworking Hazards”).

Personally, I found in here a lot of tips that I thought were quite useful to know, as they dive in detail and not just stay on the surface.

E. Video Library: This is a part of the bonus deal as well (mentioned also below). Here you can find a lot of videos (close to 150) arranged in a wide range of different categories (from “Home & Crafts” to “Routers” and “Sheds”) where you can watch real people show step by step how they build things and share valuable woodworking tips.

Are The Announced Bonuses Really Worth It?

If you remember, on the sales page it was mentioned that, in addition to the actual product itself, one would also four additional bonuses. In this section, I try to confirm whether these announced bonuses are first of all indeed offered in the member’s area and secondly whether they are actually worth anything!

So, here they are:

A. DWG/CAD Plan Viewer Software: This a software that is supposed to help you “edit, modify, create your own woodworking plans”. After downloading and installing it, I can say with certainty that this is quite a neat little software that is easy to learn, has a nice interface with intuitive menu and overall nice features.

What’s disappointing about it, is that from reading the sales page I thought that with the aid of this software I would be able to edit the existing files in the plans library. However, this is not the case, as all the plans are in pdf format and not dwg.

All the same, this is not a bad deal, as the software is itself good and I have already used it with minimum learning curve to reproduce some of the projects that I found in the library.

B. 150 Premium Woodworking Videos: This is the video library that I mentioned above. The drawback I found was these are not actually licenced videos to be used exclusively by Teds Woodworking members, but in reality they are youtube videos.

At first, I was disappointed but then, after going through the videos and actually watching a few of them right to the end, I realized that the compilation of these videos offered a big value in itself, as they are pre-arranged in neat categories and they are obviously hand picked, saving me all the trouble of surfing youtube to find them. And for a busy guy like me, this is a huge time saver!

C. How To Start A Woodworking Business Ebook: I discovered this in the “Downloadable Guides” section. This was indeed a disappointment, as the ebook (in pdf format) is only 20 pages long and the information it contains is generic and not particularly useful, for me at least!

D. Download Guides: This is the member’s area section I described above. As I said, on the whole I found the information included here valuable that can readily be applied.

Is The Purchase Backed By A Guarantee?

As stated in the sales page, the product is backed by a solid, 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

To be honest, what pushed me to take the final decision to buy the product was this guarantee, which is backed by Clickbank.

Just being aware of the fact that if things came to worst and Teds Woodworking proved to be a scam after all, l  just had to claim my money back from Clickbank, was reassuring enough!

What About After Sales Customer Support?

When purchasing a product online, what’s very important for me and I guess for you as well, is to feel reassured that whenever I run into any type of problem, I will get top quality, fast support from the vendor.

And, fortunately, this is the case with Teds Woodworking. So far, I placed a number of tickets for different issues and every time I got a response within 48 hours, as promised.

Furthermore, I also know that in the case that I don’t get a reply from Ted, I can always reach out to Clickbank. Their responsibility is to mediate between me and the vendor and get my problem fixed.

All The Pros And Cons

Having said all the above, now I guess it’s time to give you a brief list of what I personally consider the pros and cons of Teds Woodworking:

First, the pros:

  • The whole buying process was smooth and I didn’t run into any technical problems whatsoever with any parts of the process, like my credit card failing to go through, have other money transaction process issues etc. Also, I found the member’s area to be friendly, with all sections neatly arranged and easy to access. Downloading files was also smooth with no problems at all.
  • Customer support is also excellent. As I said above, all my tickets were answered within 48 hours as promised and staff are very friendly and helpful.

To be honest I haven’t tried it myself, but the vendor also claims he is able to offer free email coaching for all members who ask for it.

  • Regarding the content: Although, as mentioned, the total number of woodworking plans contained inside the member’s area is not as promised (16,000), the plans themselves are good enough, with the information contained in each one adequate to enable you to finish the projects. Of course, despite the claim that a complete novice can follow the plans without any need for any extra help, this is not exactly true, as they are more suitable for more experienced woodworkers who already do master the basic skills.
  • The guides are also useful, as I said I discovered a lot of things that helped me hone my woodworking skills, you just have to search for them! And the videos are useful too, I especially liked the way they are arranged, easy to find what you need.
  • I found the video library to be useful as well. Although as I said these are free videos on youtube, the fact that they are compiled in a neat fashion adds some considerable value in the whole package.
  • You get fresh content every month and you have lifetime access, with no recurring membership fees.

And here are the cons:

  • Although it’s a positive fact that there are so many plans and in so many categories, what’s missing is a search index that will help you find quickly and easily what you are looking for.
  • All the plans are available only in pdf format, so you cannot edit them in any way in the bonus drawing software.

Teds Woodworking Review – The Final Verdict: Is It A Scam?

We have come to the end of my review. I hope it helped you form a complete picture of what you should expect, in case you are thinking of investing in it.

Despite some of the shortcomings that I have already explained, my overall experience with Teds Woodworking is a positive one and I have no hesitation recommending it to you.

Overall, for a $47 price tag, this is quite good value for money. The plans, the videos, the guides and the support you get coupled with the solid 60 day money back guarantee make the decision to purchase it, a no brainer.

Click the button below to visit the sales page.

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