Teds Woodworking Review – Does It Really WORK Or SCAM?

Teds Woodworking Review – Does It Really WORK Or SCAM?
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March 5th, 2019

Product Name: Ted's Woodworking

Author Name: Ted McGrath

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cropped-new-box651111.pngMy name is David, I tried and tested Teds Woodworking recently in 2019. So I thought to write a unbiased teds woodworking review to help my fellow woodworkers who are thinking to buy this product.

I will try to keep this review straight to the point and give you the Real Facts of this package so you can make a better decision on it.

Fact 1 – Teds Woodworking carries one of the largest data base of popular woodworking plans (16,000+ Plans) and woodworking projects on internet today with simple and easy to follow instructions.

Fact 2 – It is A Winner of Readers Choice Award.

Fact 3 – American woodworking magazine writes about it and says “Extensive selection of plans with amazing clarity, Big thumbs up…!”

Fact 4 – It not only saves you time but saves you money on your next woodworking project.

Fact 5 – Full 60 Days Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.

In this Teds woodworking review I will show you a 360 degree angle so by time you will finish reading this review you will know everything inside out about this product, like who is the author, what kind of plans it has, the Advantages and Disadvantages all in much detail and to the point.

So Who Is The Author Of This Guide?

It is formatted by Ted McGrath, a professional woodworker for 35 years, Educator and a member of AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute). And it took him 2 years to put all these plans together so we all can benefit from it. Thousands of people thank him for that, including me….

What Kind Of Plans It Has Inside?

This Package has over 16,000 woodworking plans with blueprints. The guide is made by Ted McGrath who spent around 2 years putting in all his ideas and projects together. So one will find plenty of woodworking ideas in this package that is divided in different categories like below…


1. Right and Proper for All Levels : It does not matter what kind of experience you have in wood work either a beginner or experienced woodworker can benefit from Teds woodworking plans. The reason behind is detail guidance that instruct simply and easily step by step on how to finish a project smoothly, with complete list of material, blueprint and colour pictures. The huge advantage is illustration and colour pictures which make these plans very easy to understand.

2. Get 24 Hours Help Support Line If you need any kind of assistance their is a 24 hour help desk which is available to answer all your questions. Even Ted is their to help you out personally as members talk about it on how he helped them his self.

3. Makes a Perfect Gift : It is also available in the DVD format which makes it a perfect gift to anyone who likes to do woodcraft, on occasions like Birthdays, Ceremony, Christmas, Lunch or Dinner Parties, or just to show your love to someone.

4. Extremely Useful 4 Free Bonuses : These Limited time special Free bonuses comes with the purchase of these plans which worth a lot of money if we compare it to the main cost of this guide. Here is the list of bonuses and there functionalities.


I. DWG/CAD Plan Viewer Value $ 197
It allows you to modify or even create your own woodworking plans. So you can think it, design it and build whatever plan you like.

II. 150 Premium Woodworking Videos Value $ 77
These videos are hosted by veteran woodworkers with a wide variety of topics. Making projects with these videos is a snap, as you can see everything live in front of you.

III. Complete Woodworking Guide Value $ 39
It has 200 pages of tips and tricks with detail drawings and photos of wood work. Detail information on how to do jointing, fastening, bonding and laminating. Also discusses about hardwood and softwood and usage of hand tools.

IV. How to Start Woodworking Business Value $ 27
Shows every step on how to use your skills to make money like contracting jobs, locating suppliers, marketing your service and knowledge you must know about licensing, accounting and taxes.

If we add all these Values up total will come to $ 340 and this guide cost Only $ 67.

As per Ted these bonuses and price are for a limited time only and when they are gone they will be gone. According to him he will take these bonuses out first and then jumping the price to $ 97 and then to $197 or higher.

I highly recommend ordering it now before this offer is gone…

You can click here to go to Teds woodworking official website and download these 16,000 plans now.

5. Comes with 60 days Money Back Guarantee : Here is biggest opportunity to test this guide up for full 60 days without any risk. Ted is so confident in his product that he offers a unconditional no question asked money back guarantee, so you can give it a try and see to your-self if this guide is really for you. If for any reason you think this guide is not for you just ask for a refund and receive every penny back and keep those $ 340 worth of bonuses to your-self as an appreciation from Ted for trying his guide.

Just to let you know that I did not find any reason to refund this comprehensive guide but actually appreciate the simplicity and knowledge it provides.


1. Takes a longer time to download : The size of this download is huge as their are so many plans and if you have a slower connection of internet it can take a longer time (2 Hours) to download these plans (as per few feedbacks I have read about). However their is a DVD version also available as I mentioned above, you can order that and package will be deliver at your door.

2. May be a little Overwhelming at first : The extensive range of plans can be overwhelming in beginning as it can confuse users mind and in some cases its hard to decide which plan to pick and which to skip. But if you take your time and search through a specific category and then go through plans individually I think it will be much better and easy on you.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy TEDS WOODWORKING GUIDE From The Official Website’s Link Below…

  • It Will Improves Your Heart.
  • It Will Strengthens Your Body.
  • It Will Help You To Prevent Future Illnesses.
  • It Will Improve Your Mind And Lower Your Stress.
  • It Will Encourages You To Join A Community.
  • It Will Improve Your Mood Significantly.
  • These Plans Are Quick To Build And Save You Thousands Of Dollars.


I believe this guide is the most comprehensive woodworking package available in the market today, with a 60 days unconditional money back guarantee anyone can put there hands on it and give it a try. The price tag on Teds Woodworking Guide is actually pennies if we compare to what it offers. Try it today and you won’t be disappointed.



Willie Stark, The Chief Editor of Woodworking writes about it and says. “These plans will set a new standard in the field.”

I hope you found this Teds woodworking review to be beneficial for you.


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