Ted’s Woodworking Review: The Real TRUTH

Ted’s Woodworking Review: The Real TRUTH
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March 5th, 2019

Product Name: Ted's Woodworking

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Hello! Welcome to my blog. If you’re someone who’s interested in the woodworking business, you’ve come to the right place. In this Ted’s Woodworking review, I will be detailing what the program contains and if it’s actually worth it for DIY’ers like you & I.

Before that, I thought it’d be rude to note properly introduce the person behind this review. Since my childhood, I have been obsessed with building things by myself and because of that my love for woodworking took off at a pretty early age.


However, as time passes; other things started taking up my time, which is why I never really put my all into one of the biggest passions of my life. That was until recently when I was unfortunately laid off a job I’d been working at for 13 years, luckily enough I got a 3 year upfront severance package and was immediately headhunted by another firm, this time as part time.

This has now given me the ability to have a ton of free time not only for my growing family, but also to work on my passions.

Introduction to Ted’s Woodworking Package

Because of the passion I have for woodworking, I have always tried to read books and go through the guides that are being launched in the woodworking community online. I somehow managed to stumble onto Ted’s program right around the time I was working on getting this blog up – The only thing was though, there was a mix of reviews both praising and attacking the course. They all had one thing in common though, and that was they were extremely poorly written.

As a result, I bought the plans. At first, it sounded awesome when I was going through the summary, but the price wasn’t exactly super cheap – Though I did think you paid for what you got, right? I’ve purchased some books before that were $29 a copy.

Once I was in… I set myself the task of going through all of the 16,000 plans inside. Sure, it contained tonnes and tonnes of plans that came along with detailed audio-visuals to explain and understand the plan. However, as mentioned, the package doesn’t contain 16,000 plans at all, and the videos that I have watched in the start are not exactly Disney level production.. but you can’t really expect Hollywood level graphics from a $69 course.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans – Overview​

The plans contain carpentry kits, guides and projects that are helpful in woodworking. They contain many interesting and useful ideas that will come in handy with new projects, especially if you are someone who is in love with the traditional ways of woodworking. By going through these plans, you will be able to create new designs and profiles for wooden furniture.

Ted’s sales page claims to have around 16,000 blueprints with step by step guidelines and detailed design techniques and easy to follow instructions. There is definitely now 16,000, that being said… The size should not be laughed at, at all.

ted mcgrathMy ultimate goal has been to offer a complete plan for woodworking to make it easy and understanding to the people who want to build things on their own. So, when I first heard about this much talked plan with 16,000 different sub-plans, I would say that I was pretty excited.

As someone who’s been into woodworking since I was around 12 years old, I know that the these instructions will not only save the time and effort of sifting through tens of different books and YouTube videos, but will also be significantly easier to follow.


If you are a beginner in woodworking, let me tell you that plans like these will quick help to build up your the confidence and start perfecting & growing your skills in a lot shorter time than it’d normally take. Ted’s plans contain many customized designs with unique materials and techniques that can give you an authentic traditional product.

I was provided with few useful bonuses along with the full-fledged carpentry guide that had around 200 pages of blueprints, detailed drawings, diagrams, pictures, techniques, tips and tricks. Sure, some of them were seen and heard before, but that doesn’t mean that the guide is not functional because it covers all the bases right from the starting point of the woodworking project to the end by providing you with step by step advice.

Meet Ted “Woody”: What is Ted Mcgrath Woodworking?

The famous plans are created by Ted McGrath, a professional in Woodworking business. He’s also known as a famous educator and an active AWI member. His plans, as mentioned above contain around 16000 blueprints including interior furniture, dog houses, sheds, bird houses and garden chairs, etc.

ted mcgrathIt is said that Ted McGrath has worked vigorously for two years to build this package to make it the best comprehensive plan available all over the world, in the woodworking business. Sure, many packages are being launched every day; but the hype has struck Ted McGrath’s plans a bit faster and wider than other plans.

Ted’s Woodworking Reviews: What Does it include?

You might be wondering how exactly these plans are different from the free sources that are available on the web. The answer is simple. If you look at the plans that are made available on the internet, most of them are either abstract or brief. Even the detailed versions are not very complete leaving you the crucial guesswork about the woodworking projects which is why they are rendered as useless for the beginners in the woodworking business. While they provide few diagrams, most of them are vague, flawed and not very easily understandable. With such guides, you will start with having something in your brain and then end up with having something else in your brain.


The USP of Ted’s woodworking plans is that they are entirely different from the rest plans that are available not only regarding quality but also quantity. Though the plans (if not 16,000; whatever that are available) are not organised, each of them is well structured. All of the plans that are available can be easily interpreted and read leaving no room for any guesswork. All you have to do is stick to the given instructions to execute the process with perfection.

A typical package contains information on a range of topics that cover many procedures like hand tools workability to dovetails cutting. The guide also contains modules that discuss different types of woods coming from the hardwoods, softwoods and also the hybrid woods in detail. Each known carpentry technique is given with details like laminating, bonding, joining and jacketing along with few new and unknown carpentry techniques that can be used as alternatives.

When I purchased this Woodworking package, an interesting thing that I got to know is that it gives us a bonus with lifetime membership to many woodworking topics with detailed plans of furniture and 150 premium videos that explain the woodworking process.

The features that are included in this package are:

  • Autocad drawings of furniture along with a CAD File viewer.
  • Wide range or woodworking designs along with detailed instructions.
  • The inclusion of 3D Modelling software like Rhino.
  • Useful Woodworking tricks that come handy while working.
  • How-to-start a woodworking business guide.

What I LIKE about Ted’s Woodworking?

There are few things that I liked immensely about Ted’s woodworking plans apart from the 16,000 plans, the video tutorials and the monthly bonuses. I have been introduced to the CADD (Computer aided design drafting) which has been new to me. The program is used in order to document the design by replacing the manual drafting with many automated tools. Despite being involved in the woodworking business for a longer period, I never used a program like that before and to be honest; it has become my new obsession. Initially, it might come off as a bit new and hard, but once you get a hand of it; you will love it a lot even if you’re a beginner, an intermediate worker or a pro.


Most of the plans that are given inside this package are extremely detailed, and therefore all you need to do is just have a little patience to build things. The instructions that are given in the package are so easy to read, and even a beginner can understand them. I have shown my cousin who was very much into building a dog house (the one without any prior experience), and it only took him few days to build the perfect dog house that he has always wished for. Thanks to the easy graphics that helped him in finishing the project without facing any troubles and with a detailed step by step explanation.


The Ted’s Woodworking package has also given me unlimited access to various guides that are compatible with various types of wood, tips and tricks that can make the woodworking business easier, methodologies to work with finishes, joints and also adhesives. There are many resources inside the package that cover all the elements of woodworking including the tools, nails, hinges and screws along with the essential tools that one might need in order to design and build a project.


I also came across a shorter guide that explains the workability of the starter tools so that I can start my own woodworking business right from my home. There are monthly bonuses provided by Ted’s business which are filled with advanced and premium plans etc.


  • The concise nature of the woodworking plans will provide a solid foundation to the users and help them in building their projects perfectly. If you’re a beginner, your confidence and skills will eventually grow by completing the carpentry jobs that are included.
  • The advanced woodworkers, on the other hand, will appreciate the different range of projects that are of high quality and helps in saving time.
  • The carpentry guide consists of 200 pages with listed out tips and tricks that are extremely useful to any woodworker by helping them in honing their skills.
  • The package also comes with a 60-day cash back guarantee, and in cases when you are not satisfied with what it offers, you can claim your money back.

What I DON’T like about Ted’s Woodworking?

While there are so many things that I liked about the plans, there are few other things that I disliked. For example, I was given access to the premium member’s area where many claimed video tutorials could help you in designing unique furniture. However, some of these videos are already on other video portals like YouTube, etc. and the other videos doesn’t have detailed instructions. Though you get an idea of how the end product will look like and how you can proceed with building, these videos are not at all satisfactory.

With a huge database that says 16,000 plans; it is obvious that the organisation is not proper. The difficulty arises when you can’t find the plans in a directed way without any categorization or sorting. Therefore, it will take you an eternity to find a particular video. I, myself, tried to search for a particular garden chair plan and gave up when I could not find it. Later, when I was searching for something else; I happened to come across it. Also, it will take you longer to download the video tutorials of plans because of their file sizes. But if you are given the member access, you can upgrade the video to DVD format and download them right away.


  • The size of the package is relatively big, and therefore, it will take time for you to download the entire package. In situations with the slower internet connection, it will take more than a couple of hours to get hold of all the blueprints.
  • You can try converting the blueprints into DVD format using your member access, if you want them to be posted to you or if you want the download to be a bit faster.
  • The package, on the whole, might be a little overwhelming for you because of the infinite (nearly) plans that it contains. These plans are as of now not organised properly and therefore, searching for a particular plan might be difficult at first until you get a hold of the interface and the database.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans – My Personal Experience

This year, I needed a shelf in my storage room for my root cellar. If you are someone into production or someone who works on a farm, you will know that the yearly production varies and therefore, the storage units tend to be different from one time to other. Therefore, flexibility is the key here. You can’t just buy a rigid shelf this year and expect it to suit your needs the next year. As I was thinking a lot about it, I came across a multi-functional shelf plan in Ted’s woodworking plan that has a maximum degree of adjustability in it.

The other things that I have built include wood planters for our garden to keep the flowers, a chest for my niece, a cabinet for footwear, etc. As someone who had their way with these plans, I can say that you will find anything you want among the 16,000 different plans. The Woodworking plans also contain some great interior furniture designs including the chairs, sofas, wooden shelves, cabinets, mantle clocks, etc. and all of them are easy to build given the step by step instructions.

Who should Buy Ted’s Woodworking Package?

Ted’s package is mostly intended for people who want to work with the DIY and small scale projects. Most of his plans are exclusively meant for the ‘beginners’ and the ‘intermediate’ woodworkers. So, Ted Woody’s package is mainly meant for people who like DIY projects and who are enthusiastic in building customized stuff.

Even if you are someone who are just setting up on a project without any prior experience or knowledge in woodworking, all these plans are pretty executable, helping you build any kind of project just by sitting at home. At the dawn, if you are someone who would want to spend some time doing an odd DIY woodworking project, there is no better inventory than Ted’s plans.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans: List of Examples

Among the 16,000 plans, few of the most predominant and widely worked out examples of Ted’s package are:


  • Garden Chairs
  • Garden Sheds
  • Dog Houses
  • Umbrella Tables
  • Cabinet Tops
  • Rocker Chairs
  • Document Chests
  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Anniversary Beds
  • Playhouses etc.

Ted’s Woodworking Comparison Chart – Find out TheReal Truth

A question that comes first to you when you consider buying the plans is why is he selling the plans in the form of a guide instead of books which would have given him ten folded money of what he’s earning now. The answer is simple. Ted’s main aim is to serve the woodworkers and to encourage the interest in people who want to start woodworking as a business.

The story of Ted will make you understand why he’s so passionate about sharing information. Ted’s father was a renowned woodworker, and until his death, Ted had nothing do with the woodworking business. Ted has decided to pursue woodworking only after his father’s death professionally and he had a bump start. At first, he wasted a lot of money on magazines and books to get information about the plans and also to enrich his skills. At the juncture, he lastly found a carpenter who taught him all about woodworking including the plans, trips and tricks and under his tutelage, Ted has improved immensely in the woodworking business.


It was then; he realised that he should help people who suffer just like him with the knowledge that he has acquired. He slowly started creating plans, one plan at a time by making the step by step instructions so that the executions become easy when people come across the detailed description.

He initially came up with the plan of the bird house and shared the plan with 13 people, and pleasantly, he saw every one of them succeed in the construction of the bird house. This made him realise that the difficulty in woodworking business can indeed be solved easily with the detailed blueprints and from then, he started creating this comprehensive guide for the woodworking enthusiasts.

Ted’s Woodworking Refund Policy

However, because of the prominence acquired, many people started to imitate the Ted’s working package by creating the pirated content and people are falling in trap by buying the fake products. In case if you already paid for such a fake product and now realised that you are being fooled, you can still get the money back. This is not obviously done by contacting Ted or whoever has been running the site as they will not listen to you or will even entertain the idea of refunding you when their intention was to clearly cheat you.



Wrapping up, these plans has become a lot less about woodworking and a lot more about deceiving people for money. So, to stop this scam, the best way is to educate people who are new on internet and people who are into woodworking business, the genuinity of these Woodworking plans. Answering the question, why one has to choose Ted’s package; to buy the 16,000 plans individually, it will cost you your fortune.

By buying this comprehensive guide just for $67, you are getting access to many things other than just the plans, and there’s no better deal in the woodworking business than this. Around 5000 people are benefitted from it across the world sharing their experiences in constructing woodworks from the plans. All you have to do is order Ted’s Woodworking Plans, and you will get instant access to many files. In case if you have chosen DVD version, wait for 2-3 days for it to be delivered.

Also, you will be given a 60-day cash back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with the product which speaks a lot about the security of the money you’re paying. What are you waiting for? Buy Ted’s classic plans (the real one) already and get set to build new designs already.


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