Computer Keyboards and Its Types

Computer Keyboards and Its Types
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Just like different types of mobile phones available in the market, keyboards also vary depending on the need and function. The Peterson Group, a Taiwan-based distributor and wholesaler of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals introduces some of the different kinds of computer keyboards which vary depending on its size and specific function.

Many of us already know that there is a specific keyboard for gaming and for a mere purpose of basic computer needs. It can be used in navigation, execution of process, programming and several others. Even this article may also not be possible without the use of keyboards. Yet, there are still other keyboards that can fit our needs.

1.     Ergonomic Keyboard

The artifact of this keyboard is slightly broader and different in shape, when compared with the normal keyboard. In this key board certain space will be existing between the two sets of keys and the countered shape of this key board allow the users to place their hands in the natural position to type. These key boards are mostly used by the people who often work with the key board as their usage is easier and complaint-free for the wrist.

2.     ADB (Apple Desktop Bus)

We all know that when it comes to apple products, there will always be a specific device designed only for this brand. ADB is no difference. The ADB key boards can be connected only to the ADB jack enabled computers, but with the use of the adapter, the ADB key boards can also be inserted over a USB port. If you have ADB, you run a lesser risk of using a fraud device since each item is specifically used for Apple only.

3.     Roll Up Keyboard

Rollup computer keyboards are extremely good for travelling. Simply roll them up and then unroll them when you need them again. Typically the material is either silicone or polyurethane. These devices are meant to be rolled up, rather than folded, as folding can damage the circuitry.

4.     Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are similar to normal keyboards except they generally contain extra features such as illuminated keys, multimedia keys, an additional LCD screen, palm rest and other features. Illuminated keyboards are useful for playing games, during the night, when it's too dark to see the keyboard normally. The multimedia keys are also useful for adjusting the volume, for changing the music tracks and for doing other things, while continually playing your game. Jakarta, Indonesia and Seoul, South Korea is known to sell the most number of gaming keyboard users in Asia.

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